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Aug. 13th, 2010

just lana

Notes, August 13.

It's been raining all morning, but it doesn't look likely that this will bring an end to the heat. An increase in humidity seems more likely.

For the first time since I've come to this place, I'm growing restless. I'm uncertain whether it's the heat, the general atmosphere of the prison, or my last visit with Ema.

I treated much of my earlier time here as a period of enforced contemplation, to consider what I have done, and how I will make things right.

But I have never preferred idleness. And preparing for the private investigators' licensing exam does not seem to be enough, now.

An old friend pointed me towards a website where private citizens work to solve cold cases. I've been reading their case files and contemplating offering my services. It would be an interesting diversion. But I wonder how much help I could offer from behind these walls? Still, even reviewing one of the files they've made public, I can see an avenue of investigation that the detective in charge overlooked. I could contact the group and point that out.

Days left: 135

Jul. 22nd, 2010

just lana

Various notes, day 736

It seems so strange for time to be passing so quickly and yet so slowly all at once. It's funny how this little attempt to document the things going on around me--as if I might control my days by writing each thing down--has slipped into something comfortable, comforting.

I miss Ema. I... have said that many times, I suppose.

I was in the prison library when I spotted Diego Armando. I didn't speak to him this time, though--I don't know why. I suppose I was too involved in studying Finneas Phair's ruling on the Brattigan case. His argument that his decision was based largely on the defendant's inability to form clear sentences during a certain part of his testimony seemed questionable.

... I ought to be more appalled that the guards permit beverages in the library. But I'm not surprised. Whether at the guards' disinterest in protecting books for criminals, or at that man's unwillingness to part with his cup, I can't say.

Hm, lights out already. More later, perhaps.

Days left: 158.
just lana

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just lana

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