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just lana

Notes, August 13.

It's been raining all morning, but it doesn't look likely that this will bring an end to the heat. An increase in humidity seems more likely.

For the first time since I've come to this place, I'm growing restless. I'm uncertain whether it's the heat, the general atmosphere of the prison, or my last visit with Ema.

I treated much of my earlier time here as a period of enforced contemplation, to consider what I have done, and how I will make things right.

But I have never preferred idleness. And preparing for the private investigators' licensing exam does not seem to be enough, now.

An old friend pointed me towards a website where private citizens work to solve cold cases. I've been reading their case files and contemplating offering my services. It would be an interesting diversion. But I wonder how much help I could offer from behind these walls? Still, even reviewing one of the files they've made public, I can see an avenue of investigation that the detective in charge overlooked. I could contact the group and point that out.

Days left: 135


That site sounds pretty cool. Sort of like America's Most Wanted, except you're trying to figure out who the bad guys are, like, rather than where they are.

Is there, like, a statute of limitations or something on cases? Like, you can only make them public after so many years, or like, does the cops' investigations have to be considered closed first...?
There's no statue of limitations on murder cases. But the majority of the cases this group, Cold Comforters, solves are missing persons cases, which of course, aren't truly closed until a person--or a body is found. The PD has made a limited number of cold cases publicly available and this group and other amateur sleuths tackle them. Of course, certain things the PD must hold back, so the group has to work within these limitations.

One that's very intriguing is this one where a young woman, Havya Sinnme, checked into a flight, was seen getting onto a plane, but never got off. By the time her party realized she was missing, many of the passengers had picked up their luggage and left.

On Cold Comforter's forum the most popular theory is that she changed her appearance somehow and used the time to assume a new identity. Some of the members have posted pictures of a young man they claim might be the woman! But I don't know. It's very curious!
I abhor idleness myself. I can empathize with the restlessness, as well as the idea of forced contemplation, but there's only so much meditation I can take. And I can repent while doing something useful.

That site does sound interesting. I'm intrigued. Let me know if you'd like a colleague to look those cases over with.
I'd welcome another pair of eyes. I'm currently reviewing a couple of cases. I emailed the group chair with my observation about the missed investigation opportunity and he was quite appreciative. I wonder if it will lead to anything... Too often these things still dead end, sadly.
Next time we talk, you'll have to tell me all about it.

If a case can be solved with the available information, my money would be on you being the one to solve it. I know if I needed any detecting done, you'd be the first person I'd ask. They're lucky to have your help.
Solving cold cases? How exciting! I've watched programs about that on television, and I'm always amazed by how the investigators are unable to unearth new clues after such a long time has passed.

Not that I mean to make light of crimes. I was involved in something of a cold case myself recently, and it was very unpleasant and saddening, to say the least.

I hope you're able to find something to do that makes you happier, Ms. Skye, and if you're able to help others while doing so, all the better!
Thank you. Yes, I find that it's quite comforting to be studying casefiles again, even if I can't be out on the street pursuing the leads myself.

I'm sorry to hear you were caught in an unpleasant situation recently. I hope it was resolved acceptably.
I know just what you mean. I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I didn't have my diplomatic work to keep me occupied.

Yes, over a period of several years, there was a string of murders associated with the Cohdopian Embassy. Perhaps you heard about them on the news at some point! As it turns out, they were all related. Fortunately, Mr. Miles Edgeworth was able to solve the case and see that the criminals involved were brought to justice. He's quite an amazing man!
It must be good to see your sister, but it must make things harder, too.

Restlessness is something I struggle with as well. I think a way of feeling useful, of using your gifts is a good idea, and one that could help someone else, too.
To see my sister is certainly worth any difficulty.

I hope you find a way to cope with your restlessness!
just lana

August 2010

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