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just lana

[OOC: Lana Skye Profile]


[Name:] Lana Skye

[Age:] 31

[Gender:] Female

[Marital Status:] Single

[Sexuality:] Straight (for the most part)

[Occupation:] Former Chief Prosecutor

[Ladder Preference:] Ladder.

[Family:] Ema Skye. Lana would do anything for her sister, and has, just about. She regrets that her desire to protect her sister actually led to a distance forming between them, and has done her best to repair the gap she herself forced between them. She has an almost motherly regard for her little sister due to having raised her from such a young age. Ema's interest in science delights her and even when she otherwise shut down, Lana continued to try to encourage her sister towards some sort of scientific career, bringing home things from work that she thought Ema might be intrigued by.

Being kept away from seeing her sister really grow up is something Lana truly regrets about the consequences of her actions. She writes Ema often to find out how she's doing in her studies and looks forward to their visits, and to the time when her sentence is up and they can be reunited.

[Friends:] Phoenix Wright. Lana had no use for Wright when Ema first hired him, and wanted very little to do with him other than for him to enter a guilty plea on her behalf. As the case went on, however, she began to see his true heart, his determination and spirit, and she respected him more and more. When he was able to bring forth the truth of what happened on that terrible night, she was happier than she had been in years. She's been grateful to him since, and has kept in touch, always checking up on him. She was saddened to hear that he was disbarred and wished she was still in a position to help him.

Miles Edgeworth. Lana has a big-sisterly attitude to Edgeworth. When they worked on a case together, she noticed Von Karma's less-than-savory influence and determined to be a positive influence in his life. She admires his composure under pressure and his efficiency, though she has mixed feelings towards his attitude towards evidence. However, as she's hardly one to criticise on this point, and because of her sisterly feelings towards him, she has used her position to look out for him as much as she can.

Mia Fey. Lana considered Mia a second little sister. She was quite flattered by Mia's attention in law school and took the young woman under her wing. Rumors floated that the two of them were something more than friends, but Lana neither confirmed nor denied them. Even though after her graduation and successes in the police force, they saw each other much less, Lana stayed close to Mia, and was struck very hard by her death. The loss of Mia may have intensified some of Lana's near-overprotectiveness of Ema, and helped her justify her tolerance of Gant's blackmail.

Jake Marshall. Before the SL-9 incident, she and Jake Marshall were great friends and even dated on and off. They often joked that when they would both end up single and old, and if that happened, they'd get married, move to the country, get matching rocking chairs and shotguns and scare kids away from their porch. It was Lana who convinced Gant to bring Marshall, Starr and Goodman on board to assist with the SL-9 case, partly because she wanted to work with Marshall. But once Gant had Lana under his thumb, Lana distanced herself from Marshall, hoping to keep him safe. She refused to take his calls on the day that Gant demoted him and fired Starr, not trusting herself to keep silent and ruin everything for Ema. Their very few interactions became cold and professional.

To this day Lana regrets her behavior with Marshall, and regrets their lost friendship. She longs to let him know why she cut him off, but has yet to work up the strength to reach out to him.

[Enemies:] Damon Gant. Lana initially admired Damon Gant and considered it a great honor and point of pride when she was partnered with him. Though she feared he might treat her like a sidekick, or worse, a secretary, he never did--they were on even ground from day one, and she was able to really shine as a detective because of that. Their partnership flourished, and Lana trusted Gant like family. Because of that trust, they were a brilliant detective team and quickly rose in the ranks. Then the Darke incident occurred. At first, Lana was grateful to him for his assistance in covering up Ema's "crime," but soon she saw Gant's true face revealed when he began to blackmail her. Her love and loyalty for him became quickly froze and died in the face of his betrayal. She continued to do what he asked of her, but out of fear for her sister alone.

Since Phoenix revealed the truth and Lana has let herself feel again, she continues to force herself to feel nothing for Gant. She does not consider him worthy of her anger or fear; the Gant she once respected is dead and long gone to her.

Diego Armando. Lana initially disapproved of her dear friend's intimacy with the up-and-coming hotshot from Grossberg Law. She went on a few double dates with Mia, Diego, and Jake Marshall, and she began to see there was more to him than the boorish flirt he seemed to be, but never grew any closer to him than that. After she saw how deeply Mia was wounded by Armando's poisoning and subsequent comatose state, and realized how much her friend loved him, she decided she had misjudged Armando completely. When she later learned that he had awoken and was once again practicing law, she reached out to him via letter in hopes of letting him know how much Mia loved him.

Angel Starr. Lana was colleagues with Starr, though their relationship was never close. Lana was aware Starr looked up to her, and tried to be kind and encouraging towards her, since being a female officer is never an easy thing. She still feels that she did a great wrong by keeping silent when Starr and Marshall were penalized for their good police work, but at the time, she felt unable to do anything else.


[General personality:] Likes and Dislikes: Though she has relaxed quite a bit since the truth came out about what happened during the SL-9 case, Lana has not entirely lost some of her reserved and sometimes severe ways. Lana likes order and ceremony. She is quite fond of tea, books, silk scarves, baking, calligraphy and the color red. What she loves more than anything else, of course, is her sister. She hates losing control, especially after her years under Gant's thumb. She dislikes criminals, but has learned a certain empathy for some wrongdoers, however, given her own perspective--she has had to live with her betrayal of Jake Marshall and Angel Starr, letting them suffer to protect her sister, and she actively initiated a cover-up of a crime scene (even if it was a false crime scene she was covering up). She has a secret fondness for bunnies. However, she doesn't care for puppies.

Talents and failings: Since her parents died quite early, she's learned to get by without a lot, and to sacrifice much for her sister, so she has few "wants" in life, an advantage given her current situation. Lana is quite perceptive, aided by an ability to coolly assess a situation and react in a way outside of her initial emotions. This is what made her a good detective, and later, prosecutor. But it also means she can sometimes react rather cold-bloodedly, without sympathy for all involved parties. Lana may be initially standoffish or cool towards those she does not know, though underneath she is quite a caring and gentle person, quick to smile around her sister and those she trusts.

Pastimes: Lana enjoys keeping current on law enforcement methods and practices, and can often be found in the prison library or computers reading up on the latest developments. She likes to send Ema interesting articles. She has also taken up certain hobbies like calligraphy that she finds calms her down and allows her to keep control of her person.

Goals & Special Interests: Lana encourages Ema's interest in the scientific method and the field of law enforcement. When she finishes serving out her sentence, her desire is to continue work in law enforcement herself--perhaps as a private investigator, since it is unlikely that she'll be permitted to work as a prosecutor or law officer.

[Appearance:] Though currently incarcerated and therefore obligated to wear what clothes the prison provides, Lana maintains a neat appearance. Though initially, while working, she wrapped herself in a uniform to keep a stricter hold on her emotions and secrets, she has found it comforting to continue a very neat form of dress even in prison.

[Background:] Before her parents died, Lana was much like Ema, if perhaps a bit sillier, cheerful and curious to a fault. She did well enough in school, and actually had a knack for critical thinking, but spent most of her energy having a good time with her friends. Being almost thirteen when Ema was born, Lana alternately adored, ignored and was annoyed by the new baby in the house. She did her share of teenage eyerolling and complaining to her friends, but she also felt a bit of pride when her friends oohed and cooed over her "cute baby sister."

When her parents were killed, Lana was forced to grow up almost overnight. Fortunately, she discovered she was better equipped for it than she would've thought, and surprised both teachers and friends when she buckled down and cared for young Ema. Determined to give her baby sister the best life possible, Lana listened to a supportive guidance counselor and upon graduating from high school, took up the study of law.

Possibly due to her former position, Lana was prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and was sentenced to prison time as well as a fine. She was disbarred and was stripped of her position as Chief Prosecutor (obviously). She's currently serving her time, but even before her sentencing, made peace with whatever was to come.
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just lana

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